Filing, Away

At Riverside Filing, we’re on a mission to get professionals back to the work they do best, by undertaking the complex, detailed work involved in entity formations and follow-ups on their behalf.

A Proud Member of
The Riverside Family

Riverside Filing harnesses the knowledge, expertise and resources of its parent company “Riverside Abstract” to provide you with the expedited, efficient service you deserve.

Riverside Abstract is a full-service, multi-state title agency with the ability to guarantee successful closings. Our founders and staff are comprised of attorneys, accountants and other industry
professionals who have the knowledge and expertise to help businesses successfully navigate every business filing need.

At Riverside, it’s certified™

There’s one central promise we’ve built our reputation on:
Absolute certitude.

Whether it’s your first filing or the latest in a growing portfolio, Riverside offers you the confidence, certainty, and the reassurance that details won’t be dropped, exchanges won’t miss the mark, and
annual filings won’t be lost in the shuffle — it’s the power of certainty that Riverside brings to each partnership, deal and detail.

Our Team

  • Shaul C. Greenwald, Esq.

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Yoel A. Zagelbaum, Esq.


  • Bruce E. Cweiber, Esq

    Chief Operating Officer

  • David Berney

    Director of Sales

  • Azi Mindick, CPA

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Aryeh Greenwald

    Vice President

  • Elliott Teitelbaum

    Project Manager

  • Yakov Grinberg

    Operations Manager

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